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Tue, 26th Sep 2017
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Our warranties

we are a well-know experienced kennel which we started in 1994 whit Siberian Huskies and in 1997 we were recognized by the FCI, whit the name of Oh cum ga che, that means in the cheyenne language "Little wolf". We based our breding program on the qualities of our stud dogs and brood bitches and on strict sanitary rules. Our first nine litters were with seven different stud dogs, (champions and not), also owned by other breeders to work with more material and to have more genetic variety.

Our Kennel

The dogs we breed are all from important blood lines.
We never give away puppies before they are three months old. We vaccinate them against parvovirus and distemper and they are guaranteed (by written contract) against viruses, illness and genetic problems.
We have dogs of show, work and pet quality.

Fiona and Ernesto; Siberian and sleddog

Our puppies are well socialized: they live together with siblings and adults so they can learn to have correct behaviour in the pack.

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about us: summary.

Name's origin

Our warranties

How to reach us


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