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Tue, 26th Sep 2017
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When a puppy arrives...

The decision to live the next 10-15 years with a dog has to be well valued. That dog will offer us a lot, but our life must be adequate to its needs. Before choosing to take a puppy, we have to value our availability and if our way of living will adapt itself to the dog.

Choosing a breed we must be informed about its needs and its character; we don’t have to allow ourselves to be guided only by aesthetics. We have not to forget that we have chosen to live together with the puppy and not the contrary.

Sunka, Siberian Husky


  • To have a lot of patience.
  • To devote a part of our time to the puppy.
  • To give the first days to the puppy the possibility to get accostumed, avoiding too strict attitudes.
  • To reserve a dog’s little space (dog’s bed) and to provide him not dangerous objects, which will become its own objects.
  • To teach the puppy its name giving him a price everytime it answers the call.
  • Scoldings have to be sharp but not excessive, ever coherent just like the prizes.
  • During the dog-training prizes are valued as strengthening, scoldings as inhibition.
  • Scoldings, just like prizes, are effective only if carryed out immediately close behind the behaviour they refer to : not later as a minute. Dog can’t connect facts temporally far off.
  • To play often with the puppy.
  • Not to let the puppy play heavily with your hands.
  • To put some news-paper in a corner and to lead there the puppy while it is making dirty. To scold the dog if it makes dirty out of the news-papers, to praise it if making dirty on the news-papers.
  • To favour the dirtying on the news-papers, one have to make these ones wet with some dog’s urine and to deodorize the points out of the news-paper where the puppy has made dirty. Not to use the ammonia ( it colud only stimulate the puppy to make that point there dirty ).
  • The habit to rub the dog’s nose on its excrements to scold it it’s absolutely wrong.
  • When the puppy has learnt to make dirty on the news-papers at the moment to relieve itself one have to lead the dog out . To scold it when making dirty in the house , to praise it when making it out.
  • Remember the puppy tends to make its excrements some minutes after meals. Lead it out as soon as it has eaten and wait…. Then praise it !
  • Dog hasn’t the need to vary diet . Use ever the same one , possibly on the veterinary’s advice.
  • Respect literally the vaccinatins’ terms.
  • The puppy should be lead to its first veterinary visit , as soon as you have taken it. Not to rest the puppy on the surgery’s floor.
  • Avoid to go out until your veterinary will not indicate that the vaccinal prophylaxis has reached his purposes.


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When a puppy arrives


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