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Tue, 26th Sep 2017
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Breed infos

From the standard:
" The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized working dog, quick and light on is feet and free and graceful in action. His moderately compact and well-furred body, erect ears and brush tail suggest his Northern heritage. His characteristic gait is smooth and seemingly effortless.

Fiona - Siberian Husky

He performs his original function in harness most capably, carrying a light load at moderate speed over great distances.

Una muta di Siberian Husky al lavoro

His body proportions and form reflect this basic balance of power, speed and endurance. The males of the Siberian Husky breed are masculine but never coarse; the bitches are feminine but without weakness of structure. In proper condition, with muscle firm and well-developed, the Siberian Husky does not carry excess weight. "

Romeo - Siberian Husky

Dogs, 21 to 23 inches at the withers. Bitches, 20 to 22 inches at the withers.

Dogs, 45 to 60 pounds. Bitches, 35 to 50 pounds.

Weight in proportion to height. The measurements mentioned above represent the extreme height and weight limits, with no preference given to either extreme.

Curiousity: the coat of the Siberian is almost "self-cleaning" it's enough to brush it...and also the dogs never smells. The Siberian doesn't bark, but he howls; anyway he isn't a noisy dog. About alimentation: many carbohydrates don't agree with the Siberian, starch in particular; his diet should never exceed in pasta, bread, or potatos.

The siberian Husky is a pack animal and he needs a leader inside the human group where he lives. This is the only condition to have a sensible and obedient dog. The owner must always have coherent behaviuor both in praise and in punishment, which should be given immediately after the correct or unwanted event. To scold a dog five minutes after the misdeed is not only useless but also harmful, because the dog can't connect the two events. The Siberian is a very "critical" dog towards his owner-leader and he can lose his trust in man. If you look back to his history, you can understand why; because in the extreme conditions of the north a team with a bad leader was fated to die.


Siberian Husky: summary.

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