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Misconceptions about the Siberian Husky

Ernesto - Siberian Husky


The Siberian isn't an affectionate dog:

on the contrary the Siberian Husky is sometimes too much loving, he isn't a one-person dog but is a friend of everyone.

The pure-bred dogs are blue-eyed:

eyes can be brown, blue, one of each or parti-colored.

He is a stupid dog:

If you ask the Siberian to do something he was not bred for (guard-work, defense...) you will be disappoint; if you ask of him what he was bred for, you will be really satisfied.

Siberians always run away:

The Siberian likes to explore his territory. If free, he will go far from you, but he won't escape. He needs the leash in town, but you can let him free in parks or in the mountains far from roads. If you are a good leader, he will answer to your recall. When you own a Siberian your house must be fenced, because the dog likes to explore the environment and in so doing he can be involved in a bad accident.

The Siberian can't live in a flat:

He can stay anywhere, the important thing is that he can enjoy someone's companionship (not only that of a person) and that his owner is a dynamic one. The Siberian is a pack dog and he has to find his place in side his human family.


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