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It was the Wild, the savage, frozen-hearted Northland Wild...
(Jack London - White Fang)

Duck - Siberian Husky

If the modern history of the Siberian born in 1930 when the AKC recognizes the breed and publishes two years later the first official Standard, the historical roots of the Siberian Husky are more ancient and are bound to a semi-nomadic people of west Siberia: the Ciukci.

The Ciukci and their dogs were an indivisible unit. Primitives in a primitive and wild land, they were hunters and they used the dog mostly as a sled-dog for their hunts. Strong and speedy dogs for long distances, never too heavy or too tall and clever enough to come back home during a storm. They lived in packs in close contact with man. You dont't have to be amazed for the seeming hardness that these people showed (for example: males not good for breeding were castrated, females, except the strongest, were killed at the birth...), you have to consider that they were primitive people who lived in the limits of human possibilities. The Ciukci respected the dog because he knew that his life depended also on him. One ancient legend tells that after the suffering of life and thanks to that, the dog is the guard of the death kingdom, whose entry is forbidden to those people who were bad without reason towards him.

A dog in such close contact with man that he became a means of ...heating. Yes the dogs were also used for heating; and also today in some northern populations it is common to measure the cold of one night with the term of one dog night; two dog night etc...


The first Siberians were imported to Alaska at the beginning of the century for the same task that they were bred for: to pull a sled. We are in the years of the gold fever and Alaska is crowded with many different people looking for luck. At their first appearances people made fun of them and because of their size they were called "little siberian mice". But at their first race the Siberians were in the lead almost untill the arrival and at the end they were strangely third (they could have ruined the bookmakers which had them placed at the odds of 50 and 100 to 1). From then on, the Siberian was more and more appreciated.

We have to remember a musher: Leonard Seppala who shared in the birth and developpement of the sleddog sport and laid the foundations of the modern breeding.

Leonhard Seppala

The last event marked the legend of the Siberian: in 1925 in Nome, Alaska, there was a diphteria epidemic. Onli thanks to Siberian teams and their mushers it was possible to bring from Anchorage to Nome the antidiphteria serum. This event is known as "The serum drive". Today the iditarod, the most classic sleddog race, is run from Anchorage to Nome in memory of this event.

Central Park, New York


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